1. What are your lists and how do I use them?

We hold lists of business decision-makers in the public sector. They contain the names and contact details (phone number, address, etc) of 55,000 key contacts in government, health, education, commissions, authorities and more.


2. How can it help me?

Significant business opportunities exist in the public sector for all sizes of business, from SMEs to large corporations. To put it succinctly, governments buy everything. SME's shouldn't be intimidated, either - government procurement principles strongly encourage agencies to support small business. Our data has the depth and reach that no other list owner can provide. Cut through the red tape - we can put you in touch with the people your sales team should really be talking to.


3. What contacts do you supply?

The database is comprised of the buyers, influencers and decision makers of public sector organisations. Actual position titles can range from administration to IT, finance, HR and much, much more.

The organisations we cover include local councils, state government departments, federal departments, public and private schools, TAFEs, universities, public and private hospitals and health, administration, government associations and other miscellaneous publically funded organisations.


4. How accurate is the data and how is it maintained?

With the certainty of constant movement within government organisations, no database can be 100% accurate. Although, A-ZGovBiz strives to get as close to perfection as we can.

Our mailing lists offer 98% Deliverability. We are able to accomplish this because of our high standards and strict maintenance procedures. Our maintenance program currently ensures every government record is updated regularly.

A-ZGovBIZ analysts are all trained to research, update, and expand the database on a daily basis. That combined with phone, fax, and direct mail verification, enables us to provide a highly accurate and comprehensive database.


5. How many times can I use the data?

This depends on your agreement.

  • An online discovery licence gives you unlimited access to the portion you licensed for one year. This plan gives you access to our unique online search engine discovery which provides monthly updates.
  • If you purchase a multi-use plan, then you own it and can use it as often as you like within the agreed time frame. Do keep in mind that this means you purchase the data as is and it will not be updated. (See List of Lists).

*Please note that the data does contain seeds to identify unauthorised usage. You are bound by the terms and conditions of the data agreement you or your agent has signed.


6. What is a seed?

Seeds are dummy names that are added to the list to identify unauthorized usage of data.


7. What is a Database Agreement?

This is a contract between A-ZGovBIZ and resellers and/or customers of the data. Its purpose is to set out the terms and conditions to ensure the data is used legally and appropriately.


8. What information is contained in a record?

Please note that we are currently in the process of revising our database structure. Currently, the below information is still contained in a record, as well as much more recently added data.

Please click on items in the table to see detailed descriptions/explanations of each item.

ID Code Phone
Title Fax
First and Last Name Email
Division Job Level
Organisation Individual Job Function
Mailing Address Industry
Suburb or Town Number of Employees
State Head Office or Branch
Postcode Sector (Fed/State/Local)
Metro or Country Gender


9. When should I send out marketing campaigns to buyers in the public sector?

Consider the Buying Cycles of the sector you are wanting to reach. By targeting the right sector with a timely and relevant offer the chances of success will be high. This is intended as a guide only - please make your own enquiries to confirm your individual requirements.