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A-ZGovBIZ's largest segment of government data is our state government contacts list. From the city to the bush we have 14,500+ state government managers, buyers and decision-makers. Strong representation of state government contacts in A-ZGovBIZ makes the states a perfect proving ground for launching into the public sector.

Our state government marketing list includes key business decision-makers in State Government departments, authorities and bodies with a strong representation in country areas and branch offices. Contacts can be supplied with address, phone number, fax number, email address, number of employees, job function and more.

Subscribers to our online service discovery have 24/7 personalised access to state government contacts in state departments, emergency services, health services, museums and cultural organisations, primary industries authorities and education departments (excluding schools).

Marketers can utilise our extensive data depth to put their products in front of state government contacts across the country. You may elect to conduct direct marketing or telesales campaigns to state government contacts in regional or metro areas, male or female contacts, in head offices or branches, or at specific-sized business units.


Facts and Figures

  • 88% have email addresses
  • 73% metro areas
  • 27% country areas
  • 50% are senior managers
  • 42% are middle managers

state government mailing list


All of our state government contacts are highly accurate, sitting at a guaranteed 98% accuracy. They are maintained by our executive team of researchers and are Privacy and Spam compliant.


Need more information about our state government contacts?

See our List of Lists. To speak to a representative about your next state government marketing campaigns, call us at: 02 9516 4703 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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