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Do you need the most accurate and up-to-date Australian government mailing lists available? In order to keep track of a rapidly expanding industry (8.9% annually), get in touch with A-ZGovBIZ today on 02 9516 4703.

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A-ZGovBIZ's government mailing lists will open new doors for direct marketing, market research and many other activities requiring public sector contacts. Mailing lists from A-ZGovBIZ are one of the best ways to launch into this underappreciated market. The public sector is huge, and our government mailing lists can be your route to success. Billions of dollars flow from the government purse each year - could you be doing business with government departments, schools, hospitals or local councils?

Governments purchase almost every type of good or service including office supplies, computer equipment and software, contractors, books and publications, seminars and continuing education courses, vehicles, furniture, technology, and everyday consumer goods. But for best results, you do need to know how to market your product to this niche market and which government mailing lists to use.

Like any business, government departments are constantly looking for new products and services, venues, training services and more. Choosing the right Australian government mailing list can be difficult - A-ZGovBIZ has the government mailing lists Australia that are preferred by most list brokers and agencies.

Our government mailing lists can be customised to suit your direct marketing campaigns. Highly targeted mailing lists including phone, fax, and email data, state-by-state and city-by-city breakdowns in country and metropolitan areas throughout Australia are available.

A-ZGovBIZ can also segment your best prospects by department, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Correctional
  • Defence
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Human Services
  • Justice
  • Transport
  • Treasury
  • Utilities

We can provide you with advice on how to market to the government, Australia government mailing list to help you target the critical decision-makers, and coordinated mailing, fax and email marketing services.

A-ZGovBIZ government mailing lists are comprehensive and include Local Government Contacts, State Government Contacts, Federal Government Contacts and Statutory authorities, commissions, agencies, embassies and consulates.


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