Could you be selling to government?

Monkey bars. Helicopter technicians. Microscopes. Live fish. Financial audits. Digital cameras. Orthopedic sandals.ICT Supplies | Selling to government*

What do all these bizarre items have in common with each other?

The answer? Somebody in government needs to buy them.

The simple fact is that there is virtually nothing that the government does not buy. When you really stop to consider the vast scope of activities carried out across the different levels of government - schooling, primary industries, city works, forestry, national defence, childcare, macroeconomics, health, law enforcement and many more - it is not difficult to see how critical a market the public sector can be.

Consider every product or service that could possibly be used by a local, federal or state government organisation, healthcare service or educational facility. Every window-faced envelope, every truck tyre, every modem, was purchased by the government from a company like yours. It is almost inevitable that if you sell it, there is someone in government who will buy it.

Why aren't I in on this?

Government buyers sometimes have limited ability to reach out into the marketplace. More often than that, they don't have the motivation to reach too far - your competitors may already be in front of them, the easy choice. Tenders and requests for quotation have a tendancy to fall into the grooves of the same old suppliers they've dealt with before, who have intimate knowledge of the processes and intimate familiarity with government buyers.

It doesn't have to be that way, though. Government procurement practices are all about getting the best deal. If you believe you can compete with your competitors, then you are crazy not to jump in the ring.

Where do I start?

Obtaining a qualified, in-depth list of government buyers directly relevant to your industry is an excellent way to start laying your path into the public sector. Whether you're looking for data for bulk mailouts, fax broadcasts, email campaigns or old-fashioned one-on-one telephone sales or lead generation, A-ZGovBIZ is your key to the golden gate of government. Don't forget, either, our extensive lists cover all sectors which are funded by government money and which purchase on government contract - public and private schools, universities, TAFEs, public and private hospitals, area health services, local and municipal councils and more.

Our highly knowledgeable team can advise you on exactly what public sector sub-markets have a demand for your products or services. We specialise in finding nooks and crannies in the labyrinth of government into which you can market yourself. With a highly Australian Army Blackhawk Helicopter | Selling to governmentaccurate list of up to 55,000 government buyers and decision-makers in front of you, you will be able to access government agencies to a depth your competitors can only dream of.

The next step is to start planning exactly what elements to include in your campaign. How will you reach your buyers? What kind of data do you require? Our lists can be used for mailing campaigns, telemarketing, fax broadcasts, email marketing and more. Our specialists can also help advise you in developing a coordinated marketing program involving one or more of these media, tailored to your products and needs and fine-tuned to maximise return on your investment.

Whether you eventually settle on email, mailing or fax data, we can also offer extensive services to coordinate your direct marketing. We can coordinate your program from start to finish, and offer impressive savings when you combine your data purchase with our marketing services. We will take care of designing promo material, putting together e-newsletters, printing, sorting, coordinating the logistics delivery and receiving and analysing deadmail.

We have the contacts you need. We back that up with the know-how, the experience and the skills to get you into government markets.

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*Items sourced from official federal and state tenders lists, 2010.