Telemarketing Lists

A-ZGovBIZ has the most comprehensive Australian telemarketing list for government, health and education. Select from local councils, state and federal government, schools, universities, health, defence or more. Every record on our telemarketing lists includes a phone and fax number. Also available is mailing address data, email data and more, allowing your sales staff to link your telemarketing campaigns in with follow-up mailshots, fax broadcasts and more.

Don't waste time with the phone book - to make a success of your public sector telesales campaign, you need the best telemarketing lists available. Our telephone lists are verified regularly by experienced researchers. We will put you in touch with the public sector managers you need to be speaking to.

Go straight for your targets

Lesser lists and other sources of contact information will give you the bare minimum - the same old switchboard number, with the same old receptionist who will give you the same old brush-off. With A-ZGovBIZ, you can be sure that if the purchasing decision-maker you're chasing has a direct number available, we can provide it. Our tens of thousands of phone numbers can skip the call centres and switchboards and put you right through to the people you need to be speaking to.

Grab one of our high-quality telemarketing lists and your sales staff can hit the phones and be pulling in hot leads within hours. A-ZGovBIZ's detailed data, outstanding depth and industry-leading online search engine means that your operators will have the critical data they need to drive a successful program of telesales and telemarketing.

What lists are available?

The following are just some of our telemarketing lists:


Government Managers


Government Managers Telemarketing List


Health Administration


Health Administration Telemarketing List


School Principals


School Principals Telemarketing List


Management in Universities and TAFEs

Universities and TAFEs Management Telemarketing List


All contacts across our telemarketing lists can be chosen by region, metro, country, gender, staff numbers, job title or more.


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