The Andrews’ Government has released Victoria’s International Health Strategy 2016-2020: Partnering for a healthy and prosperous future to boost the health sector throughout Victoria.

Aimed at increasing the presence of Victoria’s health industry innovation and research overseas, the paper outlines how Victoria can look outward over the next four years to continue the international growth of their health industry.

The strategy aims to take Victoria’s health system global. Minister for Innovation and Trade, Philip Dalidakis, said “Victoria is at its innovative best in medical research and technology. This strategy will provide further support to develop the right skills to make more great Victorian products to foreign markets.”

The strategic plan contains three main goals for increasing the global footprint of Victoria’s health industry; International Engagement, Industry Development and Knowledge Transfer and Innovation.

Each of the three areas will work together to increase the annual revenue brought into the state through relationships with overseas health networks.

As the strategy is implemented, Victorian health innovations are set to experience growth as their reach is extended globally. As well as helping the health care systems of other countries, the push for a more global approach to Victoria’s healthcare industry is set to result in further growth in the health services industry throughout Victoria.

While the strategy is reaching globally, the main purpose of the strategy is to continue to create a better health system for Victorians as it “seeks to strengthen and sustain the Victorian health sector, building its capacity and capability to ultimately deliver better health outcomes for all Victorians.”

The international health strategy comes hand in hand with the Andrews’ Government’s other 2016-2020 health plans, which have also just been released. The Health and Medical Research Strategy 2016-2020 aims to further support the health industry through promoting further research and the Victorian Cancer Plan 2016-2020 launched 22 July has set the goal of saving 10,000 lives by 2025.

Victorian Health Minister Jill Hennessy said, “Every day in Victoria, around 84 people will be diagnosed with cancer and 29 people will die a cancer related death. We want a better future for people who contract cancer, and to consign these statistics to the past.”

The health sector in Victoria, which is already the fastest growing industry in Victoria, and employs 12 per cent of Victorians, is set to grow even bigger over the next four years as these plans are put into action.